Gentl and Hyers for Offset

Wife and husband photo duo, Andrea Gentl and Martin Hyers are not only well-known in the industry and loved by clients, they are also incredibly prolific. Their archive spans over 20 years and includes food, interiors and travel from Syria, Bhutan, Burma, Turkey and the US.

Gentl and Hyers shoot regularly for bonappetitcondenasttraveler, marthastewartliving, Grey Goose, ABC Home and anthropologie and have worked directly with many ad agencies. 

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Women on Deck, “Ramier”, Albert Lynch

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How to draw a Tiny House with Google Sketch Up..

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Tiny House Design

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How to draw a Tiny House with Google SketchUp – Part 1

Story by Michael Janzen on October 9, 2010 and filed in How To

This is the first in a video series I’m putting together that shows you how to draw a tiny house on a trailer with Google SketchUp, the free 3D illustration software from Google. I’ll be posting these how-to videos here on each time I add a new one to YouTube, but you can also follow along by joining the new Tiny House Design YouTube Channel.

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